Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh, interwebs, what interesting things you bring me...

I was blog-hopping through links the other day, and I wound up on TLC's Cooking pages, and found the following really interesting lists:

12 items at a feast for Henry the Eighth: I'm especially amazed by facts like this "Historians estimate that 600,000 gallons of ale (enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool) and around 75,000 gallons of wine (enough to fill 1,500 bathtubs) were drunk every year at Hampton Court Palace. "

7 Banned foods: Maggot Cheese anyone?

The world's most expensive foods: Diamond-encrusted fruitcake? Really?

45 common foods and their calories: A little scary sometimes, but a useful resource to keep around.

Favorite pizza toppings  in 10 countries: Russia's favorite seems especially vile, but a Curry Pizza actually sounds really good.

20 things you don't know about popcorn: Makes me want some popcorn now...

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