Saturday, January 16, 2010

dear friends

We just got an icecream maker from a friend who was moving. Expect the occasional weird ice cream recipe / experiment in the coming months. I'm continuing my seasonal eating to get all my research done before I write the book, so they should be really weird on occasion. But when they happen depends entirely on when I have decent days off and how well I manage to get myself organized again.

Here's what I'm thinking so far:
Rose petal
Thai Tea
Caramelized white-chocolate
Green tea
Green-tea and rose
Apple pie

... I don't even know what all. I made a list of fudges I'd like to try once, and I think most of those flavors would do well for ice cream, too, but I can't find the scrap of register paper I had it all written on just now. I'm sure it's in one of the five or so catch-all boxes around my space...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Updates of updatiness!

I'm now on CookEatShare, hob-nobbing with all the chefs! Come visit me.

d food: trout with sundried-tomato tapanade and orange-walnut salad

None of us had ever had trout before, but since it was in season and cheaper than salmon, which we all know we like, D decided to get it and cook it up. He left the skin on and oven-baked it with orange juice, olive oil, and a blenderized mix of sun-dried tomatoes, a few olives, toasted walnuts, and Mediterranean seasonings, salt and pepper. For the side, he mixed baby spinach, orange wedges, more spinach, and a home-made citrus vinaigrette. There was crusty Italian bread from the bakery.

And it was awesome.

A little sweet, a little salty, very rich and flavorful, and different than anything else we've eaten-- and therefore outside the realm of our standards. D doesn't really use recipes, and doesn't really take notes as he cooks, but this is easily replicable.

revving of the engines

Hello! It's been far too long, hasn't it? I got into sort of a horrible funk compounded of poorness and bad health and a steep slide into unsatisfactory food at the end of last year, but there were glimmers of good, and I'll be posting them this week and next week to catch you all up-- and I'm back to paying attention to what I'm eating, and therefore I'll be taking pictures of the food, and that means I'll be posting more again! Yay!

So stay tuned!