Thursday, April 22, 2010

Berry Tart Recipe With Picture - *Tested Recipe*

Berry Tart Recipe With Picture - *Tested Recipe*

I spent an hour this morning finding new and inventive ways to knock the higher-up mulberries down (still leaving the top of the tree for the birds), and gathered another two baggies full, then filled up the bag of the white ones, which seem to be catching up to the black ones now that they're almost done. That brings us to a total of ten bags, nine black and one white, which is more than enough for a batch of mulberry jam, and about half enough for white mulberry jam.

I'd sort of intended to make a mulberry pie today, but I found blackberries on a steep sale at WinnDixie-- three packs for five dollars!!!-- and so I'm using the recipe above to make little individual blackberry tarts instead. I have no idea how big they'll be, but the ball of dough that's chilling in the fridge isn't very big... Maybe I'll just make one big one after all. Then we get a better fruit-to-crust ratio each.

Time to go check on the dough. I'll let you know how the pie goes, and maybe I'll even have pictures, since I finally remembered to recharge my camera!

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