Thursday, December 4, 2008

Green Bamboo Rice

I got this at the Old Spice Traders store downtown, but I found out you can buy it online, too from Barry Farm, who sells alot of different grains and rices, as well as flours and meals, and I want to buy them all. But that's for another post.

This is sweet short grained rice that's treated with young-bamboo juice as it's being milled, leaving it with a green color that stays after cooking. It's very pretty.

I made a very small amount, less than a quarter cup dry, in case I didn't like it, but it was an unnecessary precaution. It's got a texture like sushi rice, and I think it would make a really great sushi all on a green theme-- maybe cucumber and avocado? Or, branching out a little, eel, with said cuke and avo, plus, like, herbed creamcheese... But, that's another post again.

It tastes almost like normal rice, but a little bit woodyer, a little more assertive. It's the cholophyll that makes it green, but it doesn't taste green, not the way spinach or broccolli or green peppers do. Just a hint of something different, and yummy enough to eat on it's own, though I was already making a bowl of red miso, and thought the green rice would be a nice seasonal color combo. What do you think? I think it was tasty!

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Brittany said...

I have some of this I want to try. Any tips for cooking it?