Thursday, December 11, 2008

TV: Diary of a Foodie

So there's this show I found on the internets called Diary of a Foodie, and I'm in love. It has a feel like it's one of PBS's higher-end and more personal productions, but it's made by Gourmet magazine, so if it's on TV, it could really be anywhere-- there's a listing to find it where you are. The premise is simple. People go all over and find good food, from monks in Rome to a lady who opens her house to strangers to show them how good home cooking can be to a big Chinese group meal in the countryside to Peking duck in the city. It shows people who love food loving food, and it's amazing-- where things are grown, where they come from, how they're chosen, how they're prepped and how they're eaten. I've watched two episodes and I'm starving. And it's great also because of the little glimpses of people's lives: the Chinese translator and her adorable husband, the Cooking Mama who insists she isn't a chef, the cutest monk I've ever seen, and how they all live and know where their food is coming from and understand what it means to make and eat good food.

I want to live in Europe more than ever.

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