Thursday, January 14, 2010

d food: trout with sundried-tomato tapanade and orange-walnut salad

None of us had ever had trout before, but since it was in season and cheaper than salmon, which we all know we like, D decided to get it and cook it up. He left the skin on and oven-baked it with orange juice, olive oil, and a blenderized mix of sun-dried tomatoes, a few olives, toasted walnuts, and Mediterranean seasonings, salt and pepper. For the side, he mixed baby spinach, orange wedges, more spinach, and a home-made citrus vinaigrette. There was crusty Italian bread from the bakery.

And it was awesome.

A little sweet, a little salty, very rich and flavorful, and different than anything else we've eaten-- and therefore outside the realm of our standards. D doesn't really use recipes, and doesn't really take notes as he cooks, but this is easily replicable.

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