Friday, February 19, 2010

ingredient spotlight: asian-market fried red onions

Picture from because I'm too busy eating them to take my own picture when the Interwebs are right there with the very picture I need.


Somewhere along the line, I developed a severe addiction to fried onions. It started with some crispy little morsels from the salad isle of WalMart, and progressed to the big ol' jar you see above from the Asian Market, because it's a bigger jar for cheaper, and it has no weird stabilizers or anything. And because they're awesome.

See, a serving is a tablespoon, and they've got, like, 30 or 40 calories per serving, and they're loaded with flavor-- crispy, crunchy, sweet, oniony, fried-food flavor.

I throw them into everything. My Good Ramen (the kind from the Asian Market with, like, five seasoning packs that contain real soy sauce and little veggies and flavored oil as well as MSG-powder). My miso soup (which also has wakame, bonito, sesame and nori in it most days). On salads. On casseroles. Out of my hand. On savory sandwiches. On rice, with furikake of various flavors. On potatoes with butter, cheese, salt and pepper. On quiche.

I bet they'd be good in crackers or savory cookies and muffins.

They're so delicious, so much flavor for so little stuff!

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