Sunday, October 3, 2010

foodpickle question: decaf tea

Quick! Your favorite non-gross decaf teas that are actually made with tea!

asked by Sami about 24 hours ago
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lavenderblue says: I like Stash decaf black chai tea. This would be a cozy nighttime treat with a little sugar and milk.

Answered about 23 hours ago

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Ophelia says: I like Twinings decaf English Breakfast and Earl Grey (except bergamot gives me leg cramps). They have a slightly richer flavor than the Stash equivalents.

Answered about 20 hours ago

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mrslarkin says: Twinings.

Answered about 20 hours ago

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pierino says: What's next? Dericeified Rice? Green tea is pretty low caf to begin with. I like to begin my day with genmaicha, which is green tea with toasted brown rice. Lovely aroma. But could we just stop taking the good parts out of everything?

Answered about 15 hours ago


Sami says: pierino: I totally agree-- except that even small amounts of caffeine have been setting off my panic attacks and keeping me from sleeping since I started grad school, and I needed someone to point out actual tea that doesn't taste like crud that's lacking in that stimulant!

Answered about 14 hours ago


mtrelaun says: Are you looking for a decaf version of some type of Builder's tea? I love PG Tips decaf. When I can't get my hands on that, I drink Barry's decaf, Typhoo decaf or Tetley's decaf (though this is a last resort tea as it's a tad toothless in the taste department.)

Answered about 3 hours ago


ninadora says: i love decaf layt gray, its my favorite. All the Twinings decaf teas are good. I also love Yogi teas decaf chai, its a real treat with milk and sugar.

Answered about 2 hours ago

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