Sunday, October 10, 2010

link: wendy's calorie counter!
How neat is this? Wendy's doesn't just tell you what their food's calories are, but they also tell you what's in everything and let you build a meal to get a total count! Apparently, my meal was about 700 cals, which is higher than I'd like, but about what I expected, since I had it with a sweet tea, even though I'm supposed to be avoiding caffeine and sugar. Which I mostly am, but I refuse to give it up entirely because I love my tea. So I just make sure I drink it before 5, when it's less likely to keep me up and make me worry.

Anyway. I had the BLT Cobb, and it was really good. Bacon, Eggs, Chicken, Blue Cheese and Tomatoes on Mixed Baby Greens with Avocado Ranch. Now, I thought I didn't like blue cheese or ranch, but something about the way they do it here, they're both awesome. The half salad is generous enough for lunch, and if you get the PIck Two thing, and make your second item the snack wrap thing, you get extra chicken (protein!) for your salad! It's 340 cals including the dressing, minus the additional chicken, and that's really pretty amazing for fast food. I mean, the McDonald's yogurt and apple thing has as many calories as the chicken nuggets!

It's almost what I would do if I were making it myself. I'd probably add corn or beans (or both) and olives, maybe some banana peppers. I'd definitely add more chicken. But then, I've always been more about the stuff that goes on a salad than the salad itself!

I've also had the Pecan-Apple salad, and it's also pretty amazing. Next, I think I'll try the baja one.

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