Sunday, January 4, 2009

AYrOfLvngSsnlly Day 4

I finally got to go shopping and even though the Downtown Market wasn't open because the City is stoopit, and we had to go to WinnDixie, I managed to get a ton of veggies for less than 40$. The total goes like so: 2 huge sweet potatoes, 5lbs red potatoes, 5lbs white potatoes, 1lb onions, 2lbs mixed nuts, a bokchoi, a leek, a bag of tangerines, 2 braeburns, 2 honeycrisps, 1 mackintosh, a cabbage, and a bundle of green onions. With the chicken C bought and the beef H bought, as well as the two acorn squashes we still have, I'll have tons of things to make dinners and lunches out of!

I passed up the collard greens because I know Kale is in, but I wasn't sure about collards, and the turnips and rutabegas and beets because I'm not sure how to cook them and I was running out the monies. They'll be on my market list for the Weds Pier Farmer's Market.

I'm envisioning stirfry and potato-leek soup and potato hash. Oven-roasted sweet-potato fries. Miso soup with seasonal veggies and chicken. Baked apples. 

I also got two new cookbooks that I'll likely review here: one that's devoted to all-natural cooking and is wall-to-wall with great recipes for things usually considered weeds and birdfood, with a great long section in the middle on dozens of interesting breads -- and one that's 300 potato recipes, and I predict it'll be my go-to through potato season.

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