Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Our first csa package came in! And our second, because someone else canceled the order after they were on the road, so we got literally a full-table-top's worth of food for 35$! I have pictures, but I can't find the cord; I'll post them later. Here's the rundown: like 10 massive dark-red sweet potatoes; six onions; four pink lady apples, which are amazing, all tart and sweet and all the seeds are fat and healthy, not shriveled and missing; two pints of perfect strawberries; two pints of grape tomatoes; four, count them, four heads of broccoli; two huge cukes; four fat little oranges; four fat little pears; two big bunches of spinach; two heads of red cabbage; two bundles of mid-sized carrots with edible tops because they're organic; and a bonus head of lettuce. Lettuce! Local trumps strictly seasonal, and I haven't had a salad in over a month!

Tonight I'm making veggie soup with the almost-last of the stock I made, and a few handfuls of dried beans + carrots, onions, sweet potato, white potato and fingerling potato we already had, spinach and carrot tops and some beef we have in the freezer and little tomatoes! I'm so excited about the tomatoes! I haven't had one in ages, and the last one I had was not local or even semi-seasonal and tasted like crud.

I already ate teh strawberries, and they're amazing. And one of the apples. And some of the greens...

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