Thursday, February 19, 2009

BLT Pasta Salad

We all know BLTs, right? Well, yesterday, H turned it into a pasta salad that was perfect for dinner. 

Like So:
Cook chicken with alot of garlic and dill, chop up and set aside.
Cook up bacon, chop up and set aside (H used turkey bacon, but we think it'd be more punchy with regular piggy bacon).
Cook pasta and set aside (we used a whole box of elbow macaroni).
Chop a tomato, a cuke with all the seeds scooped out, and all the greens from a whole bunch of green onions (we replanted the ends in the garden-- the roots are just fine, and they'll grow us new onions fro free!), and half a bag of baby spinach (to stand in for the lettuce, which really has no place in a pasta salad).
Cook fresh or frozen peas (you want the solidity of non-canned, but if canned is all you can get, go for it).

Throw it all into a really big bowl that you can move it around in, and mix it with about a third a bottle of ranch dressing, a few dollops of Miracle Whip, a spoon or two of mustard (we used orange honey mustard because that was the one we had), and chill for a few hours. 

Eat it all up. It served four dinner, three leftovers and two lunches today.

Om nom.

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