Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yummy Pasta!

We've decided to get proper nutrition by taking turns making dinner. Last night was C's turn, and in classic C fashion, she made a whole dinner for four with no idea what it was going to be before she made it. 

And it was delicious.

It's onions sauteed with garlic to start, then chopped portabellas, and that's the base of the sauce. Then it's a can of tomato paste and Italian seasonings and salt and pepper to taste, chopped sauteed Italian sausage (the johnsonville ones have lots of yummy fat and salt and fennel), and literal handfulls of parmesan cheese, and all of this mixed with boiled egg noodles, which give it a different texture and flavor than the usual spagetti or regular pasta.

Om yom.

Here's a bonus picture of the lovely H (of dishing up the meal for us. I somehow managed not to get a pic of C, even though she's the one who made it! What a bad one I am.

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