Thursday, February 26, 2009

CSA Haul 3!

Here's what a North-Florida CSA haul looks like at the end of February, left to right and top to bottom:
Baby red potatoes, Cherry tomatoes and Blackberries
Two huge heads of Read Leaf Lettuce, Blood oranges, more Pink Lady Apples, Ruby Red Grapefruit, more Spinach
And a huge bag of Greenbeans

Peeking out from the back is a big head of cabbage from the Roadside Produce People (this one random house on the way to work that always has a case or two of food just sitting on the front lawn for free so it won't go to waste).

The spinach leaves are as big as my hand, way bigger than they were a month and a half ago when we got our first shipment, and the cherry tomatoes are bigger, too: big as the tip of a man's thumb now, and packed with flavor. I've been eating them just as they are, as these local ones are the only fresh tomatoes I can have until my Year Of Eating Seasonally is over. And it's so worth not eating the junk toms in the grocery store.

This week we've got plans for a blackberry upside down cake so we can all partake of this one precious little pint of berries, and on Sunday after work, I'm making stuffed cabbage. Maybe traditionally. And there will be a massive salad in the next day or so because, as we learned with the last massive head of lettuce, it doesn't last long before becoming mush. 

This is the smallest bundle of veggies, and we're still having trouble keeping up with the bounty. What'll summer and fall, when everything is available en masse going to be like? I'm so excited to see! And how great will our compose be with all these veg bits?

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