Monday, August 17, 2009

experiments: home-made rose tea

I've randomly found a good spot that my rose plant likes, and it's been putting out one or two roses all summer. Not quite the profusion our friends E and D around the corner have with their roses, but enough for me, who wants them, but has never been able to grow them. So this most recent round, I let them bloom, then when they started looking too-open, I clipped the rose, pulled off the petals, and layered them in a jar with China Black tea that I'd bought in bulk a while ago.

The first infusion seems to have been a success; when I added the second-rose's worth of petals, i dumped the whole thing into a bowl and all teh petals were dried and curled, not gross, which I'd almost feared they would be. I treated the old flowers like tea leaves and re-layed the tea in the jar. I figured I'll do this a few more times, let it mellow a bit, and then see how well it worked.

I'll keep you updated!

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