Wednesday, August 12, 2009

seasonality list for wk33, aug 9 to 15

The lists are starting to drift into Fall produce. New Potatoes are out on all lists except one. Lots of tropical fruits are ready for eating-- and alot of them are ones I've never seen in person, but I'm totally going to keep an eye out for at the farmer's market!

New: Brill, Pilchard, Goose, Longan, Summer Savory, Tamarillo, Daikon, Choko, Fairy Ring Champignon Mushroom, Soybeans, Mustard Greens, Local Honey, Buddha's Hand Citrus, Burdock Root, Cactus Pads (which have probably been in for a while, but are new to the list), Cardoon, Key Lime, Lavendar, Ackee, Guinep, Breadfruit, June Plum, Soursop.

It's starting to get really loooonnnng. And I've found so many new lists to consult for the Master List that I need to go back and fill in the old weeklies to show what new info I've found before I finalize the lists for the book. It's getting pretty awesome.

Choko = Chayote
Fairy Ring Champignon =

Buddha's Hand Citrus =
Burdock Root =
Cardoon =
Ackee =
Guinep =
Breadfruit =
June Plum =
Soursop =

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