Monday, August 17, 2009

tandoori chicken

We had these packs of tandoori sauce mix that H had picked up at the Indian market, and we were low on foods, so he decided to make them. I slivered the chicken-- a few boneless breasts-- and he marinated them in the mix, lemon and lime juice and some cider vinegar (because we didn't have as much juice as the recipe called for), and sour cream (because we didn't have the plain yogurt the recipe called for). An hour or so later, he made little tandoors out of tin foil, and baked the chicken in the packets. Then he steamed edamame, and made rice with a bullion cube, black pepper and cilantro, and we ate it all together.

It was delicious. Spicy, but not too hot to eat, filling in small amounts, and good for us.

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