Monday, August 17, 2009

Taco Night!

We are big fans of Taco Night. Every few months, we get that urge to get together a bunch of people and a bunch of food, and make ourselves fat with much noshing. This time, we had the following: picadillo-seasoned beef, refried beans, yellow rice, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, lime wedges, sour cream, guacamole, freah home-made salsa, taco sauce, Tobasco chipotle sauce, cheese, onions, green olives, soft flour tortillas, hard corn tortillas, and nacho cheese sauce. Lookit this spread.

This was taco #1 and 2: beef, rice, sour cream, guac, cheese, salsa and olives. After that, it became sort of a blur of refilling my plate. I think I had another soft taco, and then abandoned the shells and just ate piles of filling with a fork like a delicious salad.

Toward the end of the feeding frenzy, H started making Tiny Taco Salads, which I love and wanted to make, too, but I'd burned the roof of my mouth earlier that day, and it made it hard to eat crunchy things, so I just took pictures of his, instead. Mmmmm, taco variations.

Most of the stuff was store-bought, which is fine for Taco Night, because you're building your own food from the pieces provided. We cooked the meat at home, of course, and A thinned the sour cream with some milk so that it was easier to glop onto a taco and closer to how it is at Chipotle's. We'll probably thin it more next time. I'd like to add chicken to the meat selection, and H wants to make carnitas for next time. We talked about having thinly sliced cabbage instead of lettuce, and going for more of a baja feel next time, which I'm all for.

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