Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perpetual Trail Mix

I’m addicted to trail mix. It’s been my main source of protein through the winter (after bacon and sausage), especially when I’m at work. But I don’t like the trail mix that comes in bags—there’s either too many teeny dry things, or there’s not enough of the stuff I like, or there’s nothing good for me in it. So I got myself an old fashioned cookie jar and a little wooden scoop, any I made my own.

There isn’t really a recipe; I just pick up a bag or three of things I like every time I go to the grocery store and throw it in, so it’s replenished as I eat it, and it’s constantly changing.

Round one was just a bag of mixed raisins, a bag of walnuts, a bag of pecans (both those smallish baking bags, about a cup and a half each), some honey-roasted sunflower seeds and peanuts I had laying around, and a bag of peanut m&ms. DSCF3323

Then, as that wore down, I added a bag of raisinettes, a Healthy trailmix bag (which was a bland, bad decision), some chocolate-covered rice-crispies leftover from a yocrunch packet, and some sesame sticks. Round three was a whole pack of the best apricots I ever had, banana chips, hazelnuts as well as the walnuts and pecans, candied walnuts, and a handful of shelled pistachios that I had planned to eat and then didn’t get to.DSCF3534 

See? Perpetual and ever-changing, so I never get bored and always have something lovely to eat for breakfast. I think the new round I’ll be getting this week will have cashews and mixed nuts, more pistachios, and some more summery dried fruit—mangoes or pineapple.

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